About Keith Lipscomb

1367330000_KL-lgSituated in Miami, Florida, M. Keith Lipscomb brings his commitment to delivering excellent legal representation to his clients in his position as a member of the law firm of Lipscomb, Eisenberg & Baker, PL. In his current role, he practices intellectual property law and commercial litigation. Keith Lipscomb is an experienced trial attorney. He has represented clients successfully in patent infringement suits, bet your business trademark suits, and copyright disputes.

In addition to his work at Lipscomb, Eisenberg & Baker, PL, M. Keith Lipscomb also attended several seminars in Florida as a speaker on topics such as “Top 10 Legal Tips to Getting Paid in a Tough Economy” and “Aggressive Advertising Tactics: How to Stay within the Law.” An active member of the South Florida community, he has been involved with a number of professional and community organizations, including Best Buddies International, Cornell Club of Greater Miami and Florida Keys, and Legal Art. He holds a bachelor in public affairs from Syracuse University and a law degree from The Cornell Law School.


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